I just wanted to let you know I had a fantastic race this past Saturday! I was 2nd by only a nose at FITS FEI 100 mile race!! We did the 100 in 8:45 which earned us Elite status and qualifies us for the final US team selection trials for WEG!! The trials are April 17-20 in South Carolina.

Juniper felt fantastic at the end of the hundred and was awarded "The Best Condition Horse" award by the panel of vets!! I am so thrilled with your supplements!! Juniper never went off her food for the first time ever!! Her joints felt great, she was breathing well and stayed calm!! I can't thank you enough!!

Amy Atkins

The focus of our training is on developing young horses to begin their career in dressage, and prepare them to compete at top levels in jumpers. I have several young stallions on the farm that are showing at various levels. I began using U Shield to provide digestive support for my horses that were facing new experiences and increased work, and was really amazed at the results. My young stallions were calm and more focused in their work, both at home and in the show ring. They were able to perform at their best! We also began to use Super Joint Solution when we placed one of our stallions under increased dressage work to prepare him for regionals. His performance was fantastic. His movement off the ground improved, his gaits became more fluid, and he excelled happily at his job. Now that he is returning to his jumping career, his attitude and work ethic are exceptional. I attribute these improvements in results to the excellent products from Choice of Champions!

John Borwn
Braveheart Farm

I was astonished at the difference the Choice of Champion supplements made in my horses. After just after a few weeks of use, I saw a huge difference \in my horse’s performance thanks to the Super Joint Solution. I think it is safe to say this product is in a league of its own and I am happy to see and feel the results in my horses.

Caroline Roffman

Finding a horse with four-star ability is a rarity. Achieving four star success with that very horse is even harder due to many unforeseen circumstances that go hand-in-hand in the capricious nature of the sport. Being that our sport is undoubtedly taxing on our equine partners, I am constantly searching for things that can make their job all the easier. That's why I choose Lung Aid made by Choice of Champions. Weeks before Rolex in 2010 Anthony Patch had developed a cough due to allergies, dusty hay, and constant trailering. I immediately added Lung Aid to his feed regimen and not only did I find the cough was immediately eradicated, he cooled out twice as fast after his hard gallops and jump schools. Since then, I have earnestly placed Alex, in addition to every one of my event horses, on the Lung Aid supplement by Choice of Champions and will continue to do so for many four stars to come.

Lainey Ashker
International Three Day Event Rider and OTTB enthusiast

Tuckers Smart Cat was Reserve Champion at the Circly Y Derby at the National Reined Cow Horse Association Celebrations of Champions show in San Angelo, Texas. Five days after that he won the World Championship of the Open Hackamore class winning the Regional, National and World Open Hackamore champion titles. He continues to be a happy, consistant performer with no joint problems thank to your Super Joint Solution and U Shield products.

Lyn Anderson
Madera, California

Lyn Anderson and Tuckers Smart Cat

Happy horses make happy people!
Our horses are happy on Choice of Champion supplements!"

Angela Moore
Grand Prix Rider and Trainer
Stealaway Farm
Dublin, Ohio

I have 11 horses. I put 6 on Super Joint Supplement, 6 on the UShield and two on Lung Aid. I am pleased to report that I have seen AMAZING results in all my horses. We just got back from a two day jackpot that gave out 8 saddles in the finals. My daughter won Youth 1D and Open 1D Finals and won two saddles. She beat the World Champion NBHA horse (who by the way had a smoking run) HM Cornerstone ridden by Kebo Almond by .2. In addition, our horse had already made 4 previous runs to Kebo's 2 before the final run. We had four of our horses clock in the 1D. One of my horses with breathing issues has started to clock once again. Since she had gotten a cold over two years ago, it left her with breathing issues (she would pull through the rib cage at a rest). Since I started her on the Lung Aid, she is clocking once again and I can no longer see her breath. She placed 2nd in the 1D Open Friday night, 1ST 1D Youth on Saturday. We have two bonafide 1D horses on a national level. And 2 that are solid 2D but often run in the 1D if we don't have rider error. We will be going to the NBHA Triple Crown the 4th of July weekend in Perry GA (usually 900 contestants) and also NBHA Youth World (1500 contestants).

Terri Skiles

Here is photo of me and Bugsy, my 15 year old TB gelding, who is blind in one eye. We are competing at 4th level and we earned all my scores for my USDF Bronze medal together. We are now working towards the Silver medal (we have one of our four required scores). I use Super Joint Solution and the U Shield with him. He has had his hocks injected only twice in his career! Recently our work has included two tempis!

Elizabeth Goodwin


Having my WPRA card, I need to know that Skooter is at peak condition every time he runs. With Chioce of Champions there is no doubt he is.

Recent Accomplishments:
First Frontier Circuit Finals Go Round 1 Winner
First Frontier Circuit Finals Go Round 3 Winner
First Frontier WPRA 2012 Rookie Of The Year
First Frontier Circuit Finals Tie for Fastest Time of the Weekend
First Frontier Top Four For Year End Standings
ECWPRA Rookie of the Year

Taylor Young

Photos by Eva Scofield Photography

I have been competing for almost two decades as a junior, amateur and a professional. During that time I've seen numerous supplement products be introduced to the industry. None of which I have researched and/or tried compares to "Choice of Champions". For my jumpers, "Super Joint" is just what the horses need to jump their best in and out of the ring. For my hunters, hot and nervous horses, "Easy Does It" is perfect to take off the edge and help them focus on winning. Lastly, the "Lung Aid" and "Ulcer Shield" are the best products to help my horses feel their best all year long so I can turn all of my attention to competing. I've used Choice of Champions for nine years on all my horses and have yet to find a product to match the quality, price and results.

Sarah Tredennick
Wood Run Farm

We have a nine year old barrel racing gelding who typically ran in the 1D when he was not experiencing allergy issues. These issues have stemmed from climate to environmental factors. It has been very frustrating to try numerous products and continue to have these issues. After three weeks on Lung Aid we have noticed drier noses, increased lung capacity in workouts and quicker cool downs. We took him to his first race of 2013 and after three weeks on your product he ran fourth in the 1D with over 200 runners which included some prior NFR contestants. My daughter and Cash also won the Youth 1D by close to 3 tenths. Thank you for this amazing product and we will continue to update you on their progress.

Jeanette Lawson

Taylor Lawson and SSS Peppy Cash

I can’t thank Choice of Champions enough for everything they have provided my horses and me with. My horses KissMySkooter and A Touch of Hobby have been on Lung Aid, Ulcer Shield, and Super Joint for about eight months and I the differences are astronomical. Since Skooter and Riley have been on Choice of Champions I am on my way to my first Circuit Finals in the First Frontier Circuit sitting in the top ten and I had the privilege of winning 2012 ECWPRA Rookie of the Year thanks to how great my horses are working, feeling, and running. Choice of Champions, Thank You! Your support throughout my season has helped make this season possible!

Taylor Young

I wanted to say thank you for your amazing products. I talked to you a few months ago about my horse Aidan, who has respiratory issues. We have had him on Lung Aid now for about a year and a half, and I cannot believe the change. When we talked a few months ago, you advised me about your products U Shield and Super Joint Solution. I LOVE THEM! You have a fan in me, and I am spreading the word to people with similar needs at the barn! I've enclosed a picture of my happy big man, who wouldn't have been able to continue his career as a hunter without your products! Thanks again!

Leslie Duntemann

I adopted my ex-racehorse "Brave" who came with a floating chip in one of his knees. He would be fine for awhile and then come up lame. My friend, Allyn Maix, suggested I put him on Choice of Champions Super Joint Solution and we haven't had a problem since. I also have him on U Shield and the combination of these two superior products keep him happy, healthy and sane. I only want the best for "my guy" and I've definitely found it with Choice of Champions.

Cathy Newman
Aiken, SC

Lung Aid is the first product I have ever used that really does work for my horse. Thank You

Mary Lee
Lee Ranch
McAlester, OK

"I use Choice of Champions International's True Sweat on two of my horses that have had sweating issues in the past. We work in tropical conditions at our home farm in Ocala, Florida and True Sweat helps our horses perform at their peak. We also use U Shield for all of the horses during stressful situtations like pre-show training, transport, and showing."

Chester Weber of Live Oak Combined Driving
8-Time USEF National Four-in-Hand Driving Champion
Ranked 2nd in the FEI World Cup Standings for Combined Driving as of August 2011
Winner of the 2011 Fahrderby at Riesenbeck, CHIO Aachen, CAIO Vecses, and CAI Altenfelden

Here's Cash City getting her third win for us! She is happy and runs every 2 to 3 weeks being helped with the Super Joint, to keep her sound, the Usler Sheild keeps her in the feed tub, and I love the Lung Aid to keep her from all snot's that go around the track! Thanks Choice of Champions for all your great products!"

Julia K Presnell

This is an update on "Tuckers Smart Cat", the 4 year-old reined cow horse sponsored by Choice of Champions International. Tucker recently was Reserve Champion in the Open Hackamore class at the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity show out of 57 entries. He is also currently in the lead in the National Reined Cow Horse Open Hackamore national standings and has won over $41,000 in 2011. Tucker is a high-powered horse and the U Shield keeps him focused while the Super Joint Solution keeps him sound and happy to do his job. Thanks!!

Lyn Anderson

Grand Prix Dressage horse Don Principe working with world famous rider, trainer Klaus Balkenhol ridden by Grand Prix rider Jennifer Baumert.

One day my instructor told me that my horse, Jack, looked a little stiff in the rear. It was during the winter and a chilly day, even for New Orleans. She asked if I had him on any joint supplement. I told her no. Jack was 19 1/2 at that time and had never been on anything. I checked with the head trainer, Sean Steffee, and he suggested I try Choice of Champions' Super Joint Solution. I did, and within a few months both my instructor and Sean thought Jack was moving much better. Jack is now 22 and still jumping. We don't jump anything big, but he loves this activity.

Joanna Deal

Joanna Deal and Jack

I have been using True Sweat for 2 years now, and it is the only formula that helps my horse through her anhiddrosis... Thank you for making such a superior product!

Jan Eisner

Katherine Coleman's jumper, Dartfield, an 8 year old Dutch Warmblood is on Super Joint Solution and U Shield. They were 2nd in High Adult Jumper Classic in Wellington this past January. He has also been started in some bigger classes and has done very well. This shot is from 1.20m jumpers at the Spring Gathering Show in Houston, TX. There were always over 20 entries in those classes and he either won or was top 3 all three weeks.

Livia Steffee

Our mare is doing much better on your product, U Shield!!! I highly recommend it. It did take a couple of weeks before we noticed an improvement but now she is almost back up to normal!!!

Thanks so much!! We will be ordering another gallon soon!!!

Susan Gilliland

My 20+ year-old Hanoverian starting using Super Joint Solution last year. His response has been incredible. Most people--including my vet--think he's performing like a 10-year-old. His left lead used to "stick" and now his lead changes, right and left, are absolutely perfect. His response has been more dramatic than any of his previous joint injections. This is one horse supplement that really works! As a doctor, I am highly skeptical of most supplements--but not this one! THANK YOU for a wonderful product!

Dr. Sherri Flax

When I began riding Joker (21 year old 3/4 TB/1/4 Percheron) in January 2013, he had been hanging out for 3 years in pasture. I wanted him to have every opportunity to come back into shape and starting him on Choice of Champions Super Joint Solution made him feel comfortable and confident to start slowly back into work. The difference in 6 months has been amazing. He is sound, in great spirits and eager to go to work each day. Every month his Chiropractor is able to stretch him more and routine massage has encouraged him to embrace his expanding exercise routines. Thank you Choice of Champions Super Joint Solutions for giving Joker a second chance.

Miriam Morgan
(Joker’s mom and VERY happy rider).

Joker - Before Super Joint Solution

Joker - After 6 months on Super Joint Solution

I ordered the Super Joint and Ulser Aid back in December for my 26 year old horse, Zorra. Several years ago, I had given Zorra to a woman that I thought would provide a good home/care for her with the proviso that if she decided that she didn’t want to keep Zorra, that she would give her back to me. The woman sold Zorra and I tracked her down and found that she was in an awful place, so we bought her back in November. She had apparently foundered some time last year and was having a laminitic episode when I got her in November. She could not walk the length of the barn, and I am pleased to report that she is now doing very well now and full of spunk. Thank you Choice of Champs!!

Angela Dean

We incorporated Super Joint Solution and U Shield into our feed program as we were looking for something that would help with the strain that we put on our hard working show horses.

We started these two products, quite skeptical that they would actually make the difference they claimed to make. Our skepticism was unwarranted, as the products actually made a significant difference. Diamonds Not Forgoten looks better than he ever has. His weight, hair coat, and movement is simply amazing. I can tell a huge difference in the way he feels, as he just a happier and more relaxed horse. He is happy to go out to ride everyday and gives me 110%. It is a great feeling to have a 7 year old reiner that still physically feels like a young horse.

These products give Diamonds Not Forgoten and the other horses in our program the extra edge they need to look and feel their best and we couldn't be happier with the results!

Thank you Allyn and everyone at Choice of Champions for helping Diamonds Not Forgoten to feel and perform at his very best!

Kyle & Jenna Kellmer

Diamonds Not Forgotten

Bayou (Panama Kissed Bayou) was infected with Patomic Fever this past summer. Thankfully he pulled through with the help of skilled a team at Cornell University. As part of his recovery regiment I began to add U Shield, Lung Aide and Super Joint Solution to his feed. I was amazed at the results we achieved. Since beginning the supplements Bayou has been:

  • Eating Better (he finishes his bucket in this first round, it used to take him about two hours to peck away at his grain)
  • Breathing better
  • He no longer bleeds or needs medication to run
  • Running faster and with more agility

Also, he is much more relaxed at the gate (this used to be a huge problem and often required assistance)

Carol Kerstetter


Several years ago I started hearing the grind in Top Duns knees when putting on and taking off bell boots. We also started having issues in the Box. There was no doubt this horse was in pain.

After a tough time at the WTRC finals where it was all I could do to get him to face and the box issues were terrible, I was at a loss as to what to do. Fortunately work got in the way and I didn't put him down as I had considered.

Several months later I was told about your Super Joint Solution. I am here to tell you that two years have passed and Top Dun is like a new horse. No more grinding, Hocks obviously better as box and facing issues are gone and my son and I won our first rodeo together!

Thank you for your great products and all the support you have given us along the way.

Pat Reaume

Because your Super Joint Solution was doing such wonders for my 16 year old dressage mare, I used your Easy Does It and U Shield when I weaned my warmblood broodmare and her colt (he was 6.5 months old).

The process went very well for all concerned. Baby called minimally for mom for two or three days. Mom called a bit more, but no serious stall kicking or panic. Their habits remained normal and there was a minimum of fuss! And, most happily, the baby retained his calm demeanor throughout, that I treasure in him.

I recommend these products highly for helping horses through difficult transitions. I plan to trailer baby down to California within the next month, and I definitely will use the Easy Does It and U Shield until he is settled.

Many thanks! Your products are much appreciated!

Libbi Albright

It is very important to me to have supplements that compliment each other. The Choice of Champions product line has replaced all other supplement brands in my program. I enjoy being able to rely on one company for all of my horse's supplement needs.

Nate Chambers

Nate Chambers and Rolling Stone II

As a competitive rider, I need my horses to be at their best every time I enter the ring. Choice of Champions supplements provide my horses the support they need to maintain optimum condition and health, despite the rigors of travel and competition.

Schuyler Riley

I started using the U Shield and the Super Joint Solution on ZZ A double registered Quarter horse mare that is 6 years old.. After putting her on the supplements it was a couple weeks when we noticed a difference in her attitude. She was always a high-strung horse until the Ulcer Shield, which made her a much better horse to be around and ride. ZZ is now running at the top of her game and is not getting hyper. The Choice of Champions product line is very impressive. I have been using the product and I think it is the best product for my horses and would recommend this product to anybody. I am a firm believer and use this product on all of my horses.

Dakota Medley
Oklahoma Certified BWFA Journeyman Horseshoer

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Wins:
Reserve Men’s 4 World Championship
Triple P Shootout Overall Cowboy 2008
Seven Down Memorial Champion Men’s Threes 2007
Western United States Champion Men’s Threes 2007
Western United States Champion Men’s Two’s 2004
World Champion Wrangler 2001 and 2002

Shanda Masterson
2008 Ladies 5 Overall Cowgirl
Ranked in the top ten in 2010
Washington State Overall Lady
Colorado State and Regional Overall Lady

Every respected horse person knows that their success only comes from the four legs directly underneath their saddle. Truth be told, maintaining a sound, healthy, calm, and most importantly, happy horse can be difficult in a sport as mentally and physically painstaking as eventing. That's why I use Choice of Champions. From their innovative Super Joint Solution to their protective U Shield, I know that my horses will be able to perform at their best at a time when I need them the most.

Laine Ashker
International Event Rider
Choice of Champions Ambassador

We were introduced to your Lung Aid product this summer as we have a grey gelding in his twenties that we discovered is a bleeder. I was concerned with having to run him on lasix since we would have to take away his water and being an older horse I typically want him to drink as often as he will.

We also have a 6 year old stallion that was diagnosed as a bleeder last fall. We used your product on both of them and found great results, so we are now using it on all competition horses and find their recovery time is much quicker.

We truly like Lung Aid and will continue to use it in the years to come.

Grant & Erin Bayer
Lazy Ear Performance Horses

25 years old and still going strong!

Strait Firewater - the only buckskin tobiano stallion standing by the legendary barrel horse sire, Fire Water Flit.

Perks Easy Charger "Toto" is an eight year old gelding. He has always been a horse that would stand perfectly still, but chew the bit like no other. We feed him four pounds of grain a day because he picks through it and never finishes. Toto can't stand to be by himself and worried about the other horses.

Toto has many jobs from pick up horse, heading and barrels to ranch work. My husband, Paul, used him as a pick up horse at the 2009 National Finals Rodeo. So, being such a diversified horse, we have been searching for a supplement that would get him to gain weight.

Success!!! Choice of Champions U Shield and Super Joint Solution made drastic changes in Toto in a matter of a week. Day one - he finished ALL of his grain. Day two - he is standing at the bucket nickering for his grain. I am so amazed that I called Allyn after one week to share the great news. Toto comes in and out of the barn by himself and isn't concerned about the other horses.

Week two has a horse filling out so much that I am on the last hole of my back cinch. In the arena he is so calm and relaxed; I would have never thought he could be.

Being on the rodeo road I have already shared my success story. We haul 5-6 horses to every rodeo and I guarantee ALL of them will be consuming Choice of Champion supplements!!!

Paul and Danya Peterson
2009 National Finals Rodeo Pickup Man

We breed, own and race Thoroughbreds in Waller, Texas. We have very hot and humid summers which are extremely hard on horses that do not sweat. We have one broodmare who is a non-sweater and all of her foals have taken on this trait. Our trainer recommended True Sweat as he had received a recommendation from another trainer at the track that had great success with the product. We order True Sweat and are extremely pleased with the results. In fact all of our horses in training from this family line are on True Sweat and are sweating, even under the training and stress of the racetrack. Our trainer is even using it on our other horses that he feels are beginning to show signs of non-sweating. One mare off the track is beginning a new career in Dressage. My dressage trainer was amazed how much she was sweating when I mentioned that she was a non-sweater. I have recommended this product to several of my friends that have horses with sweating issues and they all have had success with the product. This is one product that will be in my barn forever!

Belinda P. Reeves

I have a Thoroughbred gelding who has had anhydrosis for the last seven years. This condition limited his show schedule to fall - spring, as he could not tolerate any summer time hauls. Just to survive the summer he required several fans in his stall and periodic cold hosing. After just one month on True Sweat, we noticed a marked improvement on his cool down time after a lesson and ability to perspire. He has been on this product for over a year and the results are amazing! He sweats easily year-round, cools down like a "normal" horse, and can now horse show any time of the year. He will never be without this product!

Kelley Oliver

Dear Choice of Champions,

As the head coach of Baylor University's women's equestrian team, I wanted to express my gratitude for the Choice of Champions products. The coaches, riders and horses have been extremely happy with your supplements.

With horses being of all ages and sizes, and from a wide variety of backgrounds being donated to the team, joint problems are to be expected. However, with the Choice of Champions' Super Joint Solution, we are able to keep our horses happy and sound. Horses that were once stiff have started moving with fluidity and swing after being started on the Super Joint Solution.

In addition, the team's non-sweating horses have improved immensely with the help of the True Sweat supplement. In the hot Texas summers, non-sweating is a huge concern of all coaches and riders, but we have been able to work our horses normally with the help of True Sweat. Our horses are comfortable and can safely work in the jundred degree temperatures with the assistance of Ture Sweat.

Again, than you for your wonderful products. Baylor Equestion is proud to feed Choice of Champions products, and we truly appreciate you informing us of any new products that may improve the performance of Baylor Equestrian's horses.

Ellen White
Head Coach, Baylor Equestrian

I have used two products produced by Choice of Champions this year while competing around the globe in Barrel Racing on my horse Many Blessings. Before using the U Shield product, I noticed that "Many" always became uncomfortable as I cinched up her saddle, but once I started her on the U Shield, she seemed to show a great improvement in her disposition and comfort each time she was saddled. I also used the Super Joint Solution as a maintenance tool during the year and believe this product contributed on a daily basis to the continued quality of my horse's overall health from run to run.

Layna Kight

Allspice is a 14 year old Hanovarian Gelding who places regularly in the Grand Prix. He has had NO joint injections whatsoever for the past two years since being on Super Joint Solution by Choice of Champions and is going better than ever!

Prior to using Super Joint, we had to do maintenance injections on this horse several times a year!

David Q. Wright

I have been using Choice of Champions "Super Joint Solution" for several months. I'm noticing a marked improvement in my older show hunters and ponies. Those that normally started the day a bit stiff have come out swinging like they used to in their younger years!

As it is non-invasive joint therapy, affordable, and highly palatable to all of my horsed, I highly recommend the product to all interested in maintaining a sound, comfortable and happy horse.

Terry Brown & Sequel
2005 Horse of the Year
Regular Working Hunter
2nd Year Green Working Hunter
Grand Champion Working Hunter

2005 Grand National Hunter Champion

Hannah Holland "Holly" Shook was the youngest of twelve young riders to compete in the 2007 Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Dressage Festival of Champions held in Gladstone, N.J. Having competed for the first time in 2007 as a Young Rider, she is ranked third in the nation after this prestigious competition, just hundredths of a point behind the reserve champion. Though she qualified for the 2007 NAYRC in Lexington, VA, Holly had to withdraw from the competition after her horse, Cape Town, suffered from a winged fracture of the coffin bone. Now recovering from this injury and beginning his rehabilitation, Cape Town is, according to his attending veterinarian, "ahead of schedule." Holly states, "I believe that this recovery is partially due to the use of a product produced by Choice of Champions called Super Joint Solution. I have used the product on Cape Town and am already hearing about the remarkable results. I can hardly wait until we are reunited and competing again. Thank you, Choice of Champions, for being a part of my team

Hannah Holland Shook

Image is copyrighted by
the United States Dressage Federation
and used by permission

I have been using Super Joint Solution for six months now and I am still amazed at the difference I see in both my horses and my client's horses. Super Joint Solution has drastically improved the movement, flexibility, and soundness of the horses that we had previously tried everything on, from powdered supplements to injections, with no prior improvement. Even my farrier and vet have noticed the changes. I have no reservation in telling them that it is your product that has made the difference. I have also started using the Easy Does It and U Shield and love the fact that I have found these products to be more effective, yet less expensive, than my old ones! Keep up the good work!

Lindsey Dowling
Professional Trainer

I wanted to write and tell you how happy we are with the products, Super Joint Solution and U Shield, we use from Choice of Champions. We started last March, 2007. When we first spoke I was so impressed with the time you took with me to explain your products and most of all how we discussed each individual horse and what their needs would be on the products. I had just arrived home from the Wellington Winter Circuit, which is very hard on their joints, showing week after week. Normally I would have had the horses injected but our Vet wanted to wait until Devon, another 2 months away, so the injections would be more beneficial. When it came time in May to inject the horses our Vet was so impressed with their soundness that he felt it unnecessary. I told him we had been using Super Joint Solution and he was truly amazed with the soundness of all my horses. We continued to show throughout the summer and still no injecting. It is now after indoors and we attended all of them and not one of our horses needed to be injected before or after any shows. One of our horses was Champion at Capital Challenge and we won the Children's Hunter at Washington (our other horse was 5th), all of this with NO INJECTING, just one dose a day of Super Joint Solution. The product has proven truly incredible with our horses. I also use the U Shield which keeps their stomachs under control with the traveling, pressure and stress of showing. Thank you Choice of Champions, we are truly happy customers. I highly recommend your products.

Sandra Porath, Owner
Meadow Hill Stable
Camden, S. C.

From an e-mail we recently received...

I am getting low on the Super Joint Solution. The results I have seen have been amazing. I want to tell two other trainers about it. Please send me another gallon. It has worked so well that I'm almost tempted to use it myself for my back! Thank you!

Nicole Barbour
Cane Creek Farm
Fairfield, N. C.

16 Year-Old Polish Warmblood
5-Time Champion Winter Equestrian Festival Seniors
First Place Winner Hampton Classic

Adam has been on Super Joint Solution and U Shield for a year. He is sound, happy and looks forward to working. He is an extremely successful jumper in all divisions he has competed in.

Deb Kalas, Owner

Photo courtesy of

A top dressage trainer writes...

"Since I put my horses on Super Joint Solution and U Shield I have seen and felt a hugh improvement. My horses are happier which makes my job much easier. It is a pleasure to see how willing and comfortable the horses are working everyday. One of the biggest advantages of using these two products is that I don't have to use any other supplements. Once again, thank you, because these products have helped my horses in all the ways, physically and mentally."

Marco Bernal

"I started my nineteen year old arabian stallion on your Super Joint Solution and it has made a huge difference. We now hold three regional championships, two reserve regional championships and two regional top fives. Not only has it made a huge difference in his performance, but I have put my warmblood and a quarter horse on it as well. They both came in lame it it was thought there was no hope left. But, within two weeks, they were completely sound. I recommend this product to any horse, no matter what breed or discipline... it really works!

Jessica Millern

Photo courtesy of Lynn Kaufman

Jeanette Sasson uses U Shield and Super Joint Solution on her famously blind dressage horse "Valiant" with great results....


U Shield - It's not easy going through life without my eyesight. I tend to worry about unusual sounds and smells that I might not otherwise care about if I could just see. I know my best friend, Jeanette, tries so very hard to eliminate those stressfull times but she can't always be there so she makes sure U Shield is there. I have been much more comfortable since I've been on U Shield with no more painful gastric spasms, that bloated hard feeling around my barrel and not wanting to exercise. Also, my food is digesting more efficiently as my topline is improving. Allyn, Sylvia, thanks for helping me and you know, you may just have saved my life as well... literally because my problem was really big!!! Guess you are now initiated and part of my support team named "Valiant's Angels".

Super Joint - Okay, so now that I have that gas problem under control, my body is freed up to go out and do my job. I've been doing this job for 12 years now and I love it. Jeanette and I were discussing the possibility of a little help from a natural joing supplement for the first time. Vuala!!! Again, Angel Allyn appeared with the "solution" - SUPER JOINT SOLUTION. It IS exactly what is says it is. Not only am I moving like a 4 year old again, my 34 year old "seeing eye horse" named Stamper is as well. When we get turned out together, it doesn't take my eyesight to figure out he is bucking and playfully cavorting around the pasture. I just have to keep up with him. In addition, Jeanette is putting me throught the Prix St. George movements and it's getting easier daily... the pirouettes are smaller and the changes a lot smoother!!! Thanks again, Angels.


"Spectators at at dressage show would never notice anything different about Valiant. The big, black 17-year-old Dutch Warmblood performs the movements and circles around the arena like any other horse. "

Click Here for the rest of the Palm Beach Post article featuring Jeanette Sassoon and her amazing horse "Valiant"

From an e-mail we recently received...

"Here's my horse's story:

My horse, Glaciated is almost 23 years old.  He's a 17.1 Thoroughbred who spent 6 years racing in Kentucky.  His racing career ended when he fractured his front left sesamoid, a common racing injury.  After the sesamoid healed, Glaciated began a long career as a show jumper in New Jersey and New York.  However, at age 19 the old fracture had become extremely arthritic and it was impossible to keep him sound.  We tried everything, joint injections, supplements, and of course, Bute.  He was retired and put on a regime of Bute to keep him comfortable. 

Just a couple of months ago, I decided to try Super Joint Solution.  I had heard it was an excellent product, but given the severity of his arthritis, I wasn't sure it would really help. My goal was to reduce the Bute intake and maintain his comfort level. I figured it was worth a try.  Within about 2-3 weeks, I had cut Glaciated's Bute down to zero. The owner of the farm told me that he's running faster and playing harder than even the youngest horses.  Super Joint has truly transformed my horse.  He's happy and very comfortable...What more could I ask for?       

Thanks so much! "

Pam Mason-Egan

Another e-mail:

I had to write and rave about the True Sweat product. I took Seal to the Gulfport Horse Show - and he actually broke a sweat for the first time since I've owned him. I am thrilled - it really made a difference in his performance i.e. much more energy - so TJ was tickled. I am running low (Oh no) and would like to order some more.


Cynthia Ashman

Lizabeth Olszewski writes:

I have used Choice of Champions products for over a year now. After importing my Hannoverian from Germany three years ago we learned he had ulcers, and I spent a small fortune on having him scoped and treated with Gastrogaurd and ulcerguard which were great to heal him, although expensive. My problem was I couldn't find an affordable maintenance product that actually worked - until I found U Shield. Since he has been on this product for a year he has not had another ulcer incident!!! I also started using the Super Joint formula once I gained confidence in the Choice of Champions product line and have not had to do any HA injections since I have had him on it. I couldn't be more pleased.

Everything was great until about 4 months ago my gelding had cough symptoms and nasal mucous discharge and had actually developed pneumonia. At first we thought he had a lung infection but he did not present any fever. The vet took 3 cultures on different occasions, sent them out, and they all returned negative for infection. Consequently, he was diagnosed with COPD or Reactive Airway Disorder. His system is very sensitive to dust from the hay and bedding. After wetting his hay and not riding him for two and a half weeks he had recovered and I slowly started training again. Since then he has been fine - until a week ago... when the coughing and mucous reoccurred with the weather change. Except this time it was worse than before. I started wetting his hay and once again looked to the Choice of Champions product line for help. I discovered they did have a product called Lung Aid which might help Robinio. After 1 week on being on a loading dose, all Robinio's mucous had dried up and he no longer had a cough. It has now been over a month and there have been no symptoms of any problems. It's amazing, I will continue on a maintenance dose and it is incredible how quickly Lung Aid works.

Thank you Choice of Champions for making my life better by keeping my horse well. I cannot say enough praise for these products.

Lizabeth Olszewski
Copper Tan


I wanted to tell you about how much your U Shield has helped my 6 yr. old Throughbred Gelding. He has been tough to keep the weight on and with the U Shield he is eating so much more! I ran out of the U Shield for two weeks and noticed a HUGE difference in his eating. He did not eat as much and so I put him back on the U Shield and within a day or two he was back to chowing down the hay again! Thank you so much for producing a wonderful product at an affordable price. It has made a huge difference and he has gained a lot of weight and he looks great!

Lisa Seder

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