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Takes the edge off your nervous horse!

If your horse spooks easily when shipping, moving into new surroundings, or while showing, our equine calming supplement will help to calm your horse down and take the edge off.  Also great for pre and post surgery, horses on stall rest, foals and mares in foal.

Feeding Instructions:  Empty entire amount onto back of horse's tongue.  Begin prior to competition, repeat next morning, if needed, 2 hours before event.

  • Ingredients:  One dose = 30 grams
  • Tryptophan (6,000 mgs)
  • Alpha-Tocopherol (1,000 mgs)
  • Thiamine (200 mgs).

Important to Note:  It is the trainer's responsibility to stay abreast of Rule Changes for U.S.E.F and F.E.I.  This unique combination of ingredients may be used under current U.S.E.F. and F.E.I. regulations and will not test positive at this time.

Also Please note:

Bag of 12 Tubes

Price: $180.00


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