Do these products test?
For U.S.E.F. and F.E.I. our products do not test.

Important To Note:
It is the owner's/rainer's responsibility to stay abreast of Rule Changes for U.S.E.F. and F.E. I.

Do I have to refrigerate the products?
The answer is no, but use common sense and avoid extreme cold or hot temperatures, and direct sunlight. These circumstances may cause some breakdown. We recommend storing our products in the range between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is it better to feed a liquid supplement rather than a powder supplement?
Powders have a low absorption rate in the stomach. A powder must be pushed into a liquid for it to be absorbed. When powders are in a liquid state they are already in the large intestines. Super Joint starts its absorption when it hits the horse's mouth as a top dressing on the feed.

How long will it take to notice a difference with Super Joint Solution?
You should notice a difference in the animal in approximately 2 weeks, this could be sooner or later depending on the severity of the problems, each horse is different.

Are these products necessary for young horses?
Unfortunately, injuries don't have an age, some young horses might need it due to injuries and in others you might consider using Super Joint Solution as preventive medicine. Super Joint as a prophylactic might help retard damage to your horse's joints. We think our Ulser Shield functions the same way for horses under stress. Ulcers are more common than you may think even in foals and mares in foal.

Is it safe for any age animal?
Yes, our products are dietary supplements and are safe for animals of all ages.

What is dose loading?
Dose loading means to double the recommended daily dose. Horses and ponies under 1,200 lbs receive 1/2 oz, and above 1,200 lbs. 1oz per day. So double dosing would be 1 oz. for horses under 1,200 lbs or ponies, and 2 oz for horses over 1,200 lbs. When first using Super Joint or Ulser Shield we recommend dose loading to help the product get into your horse's system quickly.

Can I give too much?
Our experience with giving too much of our product results in waste because the digestive system only absorbs a certain amount, therefore it will only affect your wallet and not your horses.

What is the shelf life of the products?
It is safe to say 2 years at least. With any medication over long periods of time, they will lose some of their potency. We suggest you use the products within a 2 year period of time.

What if you feel the product is not working?
Some horses react to some products better than others but sometimes severe cases require an adjustment of the dosages. Of course if you see no improvement whatsoever please contact us. Once you return the product, we will send you a refund.

What is the best way to use "Easy Does It"
Depending on the situation, "Easy Does It" has many applications. Your horse may not travel well or does not adjust well to new surroundings, or he may get tense at horse shows, or perhaps he is confined to a stall because of illness or injury. Call us and we can assist you in evaluating the best way for you to use "Easy Does It". This product does not drug the horse, it simply will take the edge off.

What if I do not receive my package or I would like a refund?
If you do not receive your package within 10-14 business days please contact us so we may further investigate your order. This applies to shipments within the U.S. If you would like a refund, please return the un-opened products to us within 30 days. Please enclose your receipt and the reason for your return and we will be happy to issue a refund.

NOTE: You can always reach someone in the company if you have additional questions about dosage or a specific product. We are here to serve your needs and always know that your horse's well being is our first priority. Thank you for taking the time to read these questions and answers.

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